The Art of Business. The Business of Art.


When you think of business as an artistic endeavor, the sky is the limit. From concept to market, we’ll explore creative ways to unleash your imagination and create the career of your dreams.


Your membership will include access to regularly scheduled web group mastermind sessions, where we will share our struggles and successes and inspire each other’s entrepreneurial journey.


The forums are a great place to get the most out of the tutorials and mastermind sessions with opportunities to work on creative assignments to hone your artistic and business goals.


From time to time we will feature special guests to conduct webinars on topics critical to your success. All webinar events are included with membership subscriptions.


Pursuing the intersection of technology and the arts with passion.
Pianist. Techie. Author. Mentor.

In an age where traditional structures are struggling to find relevance, the future belongs to businesses who touch the heart and artists who address the needs of their audiences.

Pianist, entrepreneur and author Hugh Sung has a vision for transforming the arts and inspiring businesses to unlock their artistic potential.

  • Graduate and faculty member for 19 years at one of the world’s most exclusive classical music conservatories
  • Co-founder of a ground-breaking tech company
  • Author of “From Paper to Pixels: Your Guide to the Digital Sheet Music Revolution“
  • Online teacher to thousands of piano students worldwide
  • Executive producer and host of “A Musical Life” podcast
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