Branding for Musicians Webinar with Mark Samples

aml-marksamplesA lot of musicians struggle to find their artistic core, and communicate it to others. Mark Samples has developed a process for identifying and naming your core brand values so that you can tell a better story, reach more people, and get back to doing what you love: making music.
Branding is not just about colors, fonts, or logos. It is first about  knowing who you are at your professional and artistic core, then telling your story in a coherent and powerful way. In this webinar, you will learn the principles of branding from music’s greatest success stories, then apply them to your career. In this hour-long workshop, you will learn:
• Why it can seem like you are always working (gigging, recording, practicing), but all of your efforts are not working toward anything…and how to realign your efforts around a common core set of artistic values.
• The specific reason why the coolest musician you can think of right now holds such a distinct place in your mind, and in the minds of others…and how you can use the same strategy for your own career.
• How branding, when done right, doesn’t have the effect of stifling creativity, but can lead to an explosion of new artistic opportunities.
• The four most important qualities for your core artistic values to have, and examples of how they work in the careers of today’s most successful musicians and performing groups.
• A formula that you can use to immediately generate a short and powerful statement of your artistic identity and value to others.
And more…
Join me for this free webinar and begin to take ownership of your distinct artistic identity and values.
When: Thursday, Nov. 10 at 9 pm EST

Mark Samples is a musician, scholar, and teacher who helps overwhelmed musicians understand their core artistic identities so that they can share their stories with more people and get back to doing what they love: making music.

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