“Break Into The Scene” Webinar


Are you a musician struggling to find work? Wondering how to find and meet the right people to get the gigs you really want to play? This Thursday, Oct. 13 9 pm EST I’ll be co-hosting a special webinar with Seth Hanes, author of, “Break Into The Scene”, a new book that gives you all the tools you need to take control of your musical life and create your own musical opportunities. In this free webinar, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get actionable advice to get the gigs you want to play and “break into the scene”.

Seth Hanes is a musician, digital marketing consultant, speaker, and founder of musiciansguidetohustling.com, As a digital marketing consultant, Seth has worked with multi-million dollar organizations, book publishers, and musicians from ensembles like the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. His new book, “Break Into The Scene”, is a guide for musicians looking to start their careers and create their own opportunities in music.

To sign up for the webinar, visit https://www.amusicallife.com/mastermind/webinars/break-scene-webinar-seth-hanes/

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Hi Hugh,
I was just trying to find the recording of Seth Hanes webinar to listen to it. I checked in forum, mastermind links and didn’t find the recording of it. I clicked on “break into scene” webinar but it was the ad to sign up for the webinar which has already happened.
Where can I find the recording of the webinar? Thank you. Beth

Hi Seth, i just had a chance to watch the webinar you gave about “breaking into the Scene” Great stuff1 Thank you! I think it’s really help to hear about what others in our industry do to get work, and how they do it. I really like your script suggestion too. It sounds genuine, not “salesy” I’ve sent my share of direct emails to people, tweeked it over the years.and had some success, but you make it easy to send anyone an email inquiry. I wasn’t able to attend your webinar live, so if there’s a link to your book… Read more »