How to use YouTube for video auditions

One of the Mastermind members asked the following question:

I’m trying to help a friend find some ways to use YouTube for his youth orchestra auditions
 He is hoping all the kids in his youth orchestra can record their audition over break and upload it to YouTube privately so he can watch
 I told him his two main options would be to have each kid upload to their own their channel and then send him the link, or to have a communal channel where everybody can upload to one place
 He likes the idea of the communal channel so all the videos are in the same place, but would rather not have every kid have access to the others’ videos. 
 Is there a way for everybody to upload to one place, but Ian be the only one who can see/manage all of the videos?
Using YouTube for video auditions is a great idea. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way that I’m aware of within YouTube to create a “community channel” where everyone can upload videos but can’t also simultaneously view other students’ videos, and I explain why. The main alternatives are for the students to upload their videos as “unlisted” or “private”, and I go into detail about how those YouTube upload options work in the short video tutorial below:

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